Our extensive stocks levels of fabrication and engineering plastics allow us to offer the finished product at the most competitive prices. We can offer expert advice to our customers and produce samples, prototypes and large batch production runs. Our fabricated products can be used in a varied range of applications, for example – signage, Vehicle refits, Glazing, Museum Displays, Stage props, Machine Guarding, CNC Profiling & Security Screens.

Line Bending

Anglia has various line bending machines to suit different applications. Our 3 metre Line Bender allows us to bend up to maximum sheet length and produces accurate radius bends on all sheet materials. This machine also has 3 heads which allow us, where possible, to produce more than one bend at a time (i.e. to form tunnels). Line bending allows us to form the desired profile from one piece of material rather than bonding multiple parts together – for a smoother and cleaner finish.


Anglia has traditional welding equipment to offer tank and box manufacturing in PE,PPC,PPH, PETG, PC and Acrylic.


We can offer flame polishing and Diamond Polishing for the complete point of sale finished products. With the capability to polish sheets up to 50mm thick. We also offer hand polishing for those high end applications.

Drape Forming

Drape forming also known as Thermo-Forming. We can drape form over curved forming tools using a range of different materials. This process is suitable for applications like curved windows, screen, doors and guards. We can also anneal materials in our full size oven when required.

Gluing / Solvent Welding

Our Solvent Welding/Gluing services are ideal for applications like Display Acrylic Units amongst other applications. We can produce clear glue joints which can be just as strong as the material itself.


For clients who don’t have the space or capabilities in-house we can offer a full fabricated assembly service.